Procreate Brushes (iPad Pro)


Empower the design process with our digital brushes. Tattoo Smart: Ancient Craft/ Modern Perspective

Try our professional quality brushes for tattoo design software. Our years of experience as professional tattoo artists carries over into our innovative approach to brush design. We are seasoned production artists who work in a fast-paced environment. Whenever possible, we look for the most efficient way to work out our designs and get down to the real business of tattooing. 

While custom brushes are not going to draw the design for you, they will cut way down on the time you must spend drawing repetitive designs involving elements like rope, chain, and snake scales. We suggest that you use custom brushes for the time they save whenever possible, and then spend your remaining extra time working on your composition, value study, and color study.

Our current line of brushes includes a wide selection of Clip Studio Paint brushes for a Wacom tablet friendly workflow as well as Procreate Brushes for the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil community. Please pay careful attention to the platform used for your chosen brush set.