Digital Tutorials: Illustrator for Geometric Design (Basic)

Cassady Bell

By Cassady Bell (@cassadybell)

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"I've always been intimidated by Illustrator, but I know it's the best program out there for geometric design. So I was excited when Cassady Bell agreed to show us his methods. Cassady does an excellent job of explaining the software in a way that makes me, as a tattooer, understand. And the best part is, you don't even need a graphics tablet to use this software. You can do it all with a keyboard!"         -Russ Abbott Ink & Dagger Tattoo, founder of Tattoo Smart. 

Adobe Illustrator is the primary design software used by graphic designers to create precise vector-based logos and artwork. Illustrator also happens to be very well suited for creating geometric patterns for tattoo design. 

In this 3 Part video series, Portland tattooer Cassady Bell demonstrates the basic tools and techniques that he uses to create his mind-blowing, technically precise geometric tattoo designs. This series will get you up and running in Illustrator and save you hours of frustration as Cassady Bell shows you exactly which tools to pay attention to, and which to leave alone.

Part 1: Exploration of the basic tools in the tool bar with an explanation of the function of each tool. (22 mins.)

Part 2: Learn to create basic shapes such as pentagons and hexagons, and begin constructing simple patterns. (18 mins.)

Part 3: Go in-depth on the "transform tools" which is where the real fun begins! ( 23 mins.)

Please note: Illustrator for Geometric Design: Intermediate (parts 4 through 7) is available separately. 


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Customer Reviews

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I worked with Macromedia Freehand since 1995 and I still consider that software a lot superior than adobe illustrator but I got sick of turning to a virtual machine every time I need to work on vector graphics. I tryed a lot of tutorials trying to like adobe illustrator but I always found myself bored and willing to go back to my virtual machine.
Cassady tutorial is simple, entertaing and made me liking illustrator in a way I didn’t think it was possible. I still think that Macromedia freehand is superior to adobe illustrator but now I feel more confident working with that software. If you never had the chance to work with vector graphics you will love thi tutorial


Really super helpful tutorial. Ive never used illustrator before this tutorial and it has opened a new world of design for me. I started making basic things the first day i bought it and it also really helped me to just start to play around with the program myself and figure out new things to add to the already great process presented here. I highly recommend these tutorials for anyone seeking precision in digital design. Money well spent!!

Waste my money

Absolutely unprofessional, useless video. Price for this video - 5$, not 35


For begginers like me is incredible! All the videos are really clear and easy to understand and follow the steps he propouse.


I am really enjoying this course! Can't wait wait to finish it and purchase the second one ;)

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