Brush Set: Minimalism by America Lee

America Lee

130+ Stamp Brushes of the most popular simplistic tattoo designs for Procreate® and Clip Studio Paint®

Designed by America Lee (

What started as a project for Russ Abbott’s apprentice to learn Clip Studio Paint and as a study of line work and design quickly spiraled into a much larger idea. This brush set reflects months of America’s work, researching, drawing, and endlessly re-drawing these simple tattoo designs until they made a clean, cohesive set. 

Before they were Instagram-famous and Pinterest-popular, small designs were often a client’s introduction to tattoos. We have seen them become marginalized, an inside joke of sorts, and we occasionally lose sight of the appeal of a small tattoo. 

With this brush set, you can cater to your walk-in clientele with their requests immediately on hand. Better than the designs they’re coming in with on their cell phones, this brush set includes stencil-ready images that can be customized for each client.

Available with an 18”x24” art flash print ideal for display in street shops. Shipping to continental United States only at this time.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great for walk ins

Great set of brushes for your run of the mill stuff

All the Kelseys

The second you download this brush set, all the Kelseys, Chelseas, and Brandis looking to get their riblets blasted with every basic outline known to google and pinterest will swoop in. Angels will ascend from the heavens, beaming light from behind them, as the doors to your studio swing open, and before Becky-Anne can pull out her phone and swipe through photo after photo looking for the perfect piece, *BAM*, you already have it pulled up on your iPad, sized up and ready to go. Her harem of 19 accompanying friends want some magical shit too? Well guess what, their designs are already loaded in the brush set as well, making you look like a true psychic tat wizard, saving the day from them having to call around to 40 different shops asking what the minimum is, and driving around town and ending up at shaky Jakes scratch party tattoo. Order the poster as well, it's a perfect pair for the brush set, a guaranteed money maker from the second it adorns your lobby wall next to those clean and classic panthers and eagles with too much black (who gets traditional anymore anyway?, it's all about perfect crescent moons done with a tight 3 on the inside of a finger) . This is a great set, and an asset to those who get tired of drawing the same designs over and over again. America did a great job on putting this set together!.


Says I maxed out my downloads after initial install.

Hi Bradley, Our system limits the number of downloads by default. I refreshed your count, so you should have plenty of downloads remaining. You can email with tech support concerns at any time.
Worth it!

Take all those old stencils you have laying around of "basic" designs and throw em in the recycle. You now have them all in one handy brush set! Morph and rework them for your client and bingo-bango! Thank you Russ, America and Tattoo Smart!

Less googling!

We do a Walkin Wednesday, we require tattoos that day to not require a drawing. I was googling infinity signs, arrows, and other trendy littles every Wednesday. No more! It's super easy to put a couple things together and have the customer see proportions, etc right away with out literal physical copy and paste or clunky photoshop.

I will say I hate Clip Studio's font manipulation, almost everyone has something to say in their tattoo. But at least I can layout these simple elements, save as a jpeg, then fiddle with fonts in an obscure publishing app that handles kerning, curves, and even accurate banner bending well. I just make a "white out" layer in Clip Studio to erase Name or whatever else is in the way first. Vector erase doesn't seem to work on these brushes the way it does on your own drawing. But that makes sense.

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