Brush Set: Hand Styles and Lettering by Josh Tucker (Procreate®)

Josh Tucker

42 Procreate® Brushes featuring Calligraphy, Liner, Gothic, Jitter, Marker, and more brushes for the iPad Pro®

Designed by Josh Tucker of Into the Woods Gallery (@artoftucker).

Introducing Hand Styles and Lettering by Josh Tucker. Covering a wide range of lettering styles, these brushes will immediately improve your free-hand lettering technique. Tucker has included his favorite tapered liner brushes for quick drafting, as well as an oval liner that mimics a sign painted look. The calligraphy brushes in this set include texture and angle variations that are not pressure sensitive for a smooth consistent shape to your letters. Use the two- and three-line brushes, as well as the angle grid brush, to keep your letter shapes and sizes precise. The marker brushes in the set recreate your favorite chisel and permanent markers in digital format. Reflecting his preference for darker styles, Tucker designed gothic, jitter, whip shade, and black metal brushes with maximum texture and sharp tapering, allowing you to build up the design as the brush does the tedious work for you.

Tucker also created 9 variations on filigree stamp brushes to include in your lettering designs. These stencil-ready stamps can be used as-is, stretching or skewing them to fit your design, or as a template for your own filigree ornament drawing.

Quickly draft freehand designs for your client, build texture and experiment with lettering styles, and create clean, consistent digital lettering designs with the Hand Styles and Lettering brush set by Josh Tucker.

Featuring 42 brushes including:

  • Grid with angle lines
  • Two- and three-line arches
  • Hand-lettering liners
  • Calligraphy brushes
  • Permanent markers
  • Whip shade brush for lettering
  • Gothic, jitter, and black metal styles
  • Filigree stamps


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Procreate® Brush Installation

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Money Maker

This set is so dope!! Do you know how much time this set saves?? The fact that it comes with the angled grid alone is sick!! Thank you guys and Russ for continually pushing our tools!!


Great addition for any letterhead!

5 stars all the way.

Like everything ,takes some getting use to. Gotta spend the time on designing images or jus plan draw on it. Lol. Love it love you guys.

Great brushes. Easy to use

Great brushes. Easy to install and use.


Every brush was awesome ! Just what I was looking for!

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