3D Model: Mannequin- Virtual Tattoo Client Bundle


The most professional way to display your tattoo designs to prospective clients.

BEZ of Triplesix Studios carefully crafted this complete set of human body part models. Watch the accompanying video to see some of the models in action and learn how to apply your artwork over a virtual tattoo client!

Attention: You must have a recent version of Adobe Photoshop (sold separately) installed on your computer to use these models. They do not work on an iPad Pro. 

This set includes the following 3D models:

  • Full Body (Male)
  • Full Arm (Left)
  • Full Arm (Right)
  • Female Forearm+Hand (Right)
  • Female Forearm+Hand (Left)
  • Male Forearm+Hand (Right)
  • Male Forearm+Hand (Left)
  • Hand (Right)
  • Hand (Left)
  • Female Full Leg (Right)
  • Female Full Leg (Left)
  • Male Full Leg (Right)
  • Male Full Leg (Left)
  • Lower Leg (Right)
  • Lower Leg (Left)
  • Female Back Torso
  • Female Bust
  • Female Front Torso
  • Male Back Torso
  • Male Front Torso
  • Male Torso 360
  • Female Torso 360
Adobe Photoshop is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Inc. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Needs improvement but satisfactory

Love the models but a little disappointed in the model join location. It limits placement options for inside forearm and bicep. Not the best but decent either way.

Thank you for your feedback. We are working on an update to the 3D models and will definitely consider the issue you mentioned.
Love it and my clients love it as well

Couldn't be happier well recommend This Tool is Amazing

This tool is amazing!

I was waiting for something like this, until I find Tattoo Smart!
Thank you for exist!


Perfect for tattoo. Very helpful, I was looking for something like this for long time.

The future of tattoo designs

I love this program it’s so well put together and so much fun, I truly believe this is how all designs will be made one day, 100% recommend this product to anyone thinking of getting it.

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