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Choose one of these sets and start creating your tattoo design. 

Before you install the brush set, you'll need to install the app Procreate, which is available on the App Store.  

Following checkout, install the brush set into Procreate.

Open Procreate and start a new canvas with the dimensions 8"X10" 300dpi.

Next, import a photo of someone's thigh to use as the "client" for your tattoo mockup. Click the "wrench" icon and then select "Insert a photo" or "take a photo". This will allow you to add a photo that you have saved on your iPad camera roll or take a photo of someone's thigh using your iPad camera. 

Create a new layer by tapping on the "layers" icon in the upper right corner (looks like two sheets of paper), tap the "+" to add a new layer. 

Browse the available tattoo designs in your brush set by tapping the "paintbrush" icon. Make sure that the active color is black by tapping the "circle" icon in the upper right corner. On a new layer, select a design and then tap the middle of the screen to make the design appear. 

Next, tap the "arrow" icon and adjust the size and placement of the design on the body part. You can scale, rotate, flip, warp, and distort using the options available in the transform tool. 

Always make a new layer for each design element that you add. Arrange your composition using multiple design elements and work towards a pleasing arrangement by resizing, rotating, and warping the designs. 

Finally, you can add a new layer and sketch on top of your layout to finalize your original creation, adding your artistic voice and drawing in additional elements as needed.