eBook: Body Planes by Gunnar


Body Part Templates for Tattoo Design by Gunnar (@artofgunnar)

Body Planes is a 44 page reference book of human body diagrams created specifically for tattooers.

"I designed these body part layouts after taking a sculpting course and studying the planes of the body and écorché* model. After years of laying out tattoos for 3-dimensional human bodies on 2-dimensional surfaces, it occurred to me, that the true surface of the varying shapes of the body were not being taken in to account. The future of tattooing will be designing tattoos on 3D turnarounds. These sheets in this book were designed as the beginning process of that evolution.

To aid in the tattoo design process, I’ve included multiple views of the human body, unwrapped and flattened out as it would be in a tattoo illustration. Prominent skeletal and muscular landmarks are indicated to assist the tattooist in considering the flow and fit of their designs. I recommend you start by producing a few quick thumbnail sketches on the smaller body plane diagrams and then proceed to a more detailed rendering once a plan has been established." -Gunnar Gaylord

eBook, PDF Format, Copyright 2016 Gunnar Gaylord
*The practice of studying the underlying skeletal and muscular structure of the human body is an essential exercise taught in traditional art academies throughout the world. By furthering their understanding of anatomy, the artist can more accurately represent the human form in their sculpture, drawing, and painting. An écorché is a sculpture or illustration of the human body without skin, used as a figure study for a work. 

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Nice offers of good information

I like that you offer what very few sites do. Information and guidelines. Very helpful and much appreciated. :o)


eBook: Body Planes by Gunnar

Better than I expected

Was a really helpful tool was more in depth than I thought

Very helpfull

Perfect model to help you design your tattoos. As always..tattoo smart is in the futur...take the train or miss it.... #tattoosmartteam

Just ok

It was interesting but wasn't as relevant as I hoped. I looked at it once and I think that is all I can use it. I appreciate the muscle studies but I think tattoo templates would be much more helpful. Arm, chest, back etc

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