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Tattoo Smart is thrilled to bring you the newest toolkit in our Procreate collection: The Snake Kit Vol. 1 by Andrew Borisyuk.

Unlike flash sets, this complex brush set allows you to apply your foundational knowledge of snake form and movement, saving you time and allowing you to expand the complexity of your designs.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own snake design using the body and composer brushes.


1. Build the body

  • Start a new layer.
  • Choose a Body Composerbrush and draw the snake from the tail to the head. 

2. Add the head

  • Create a new layer.
  • Choose a flat Snake Head and adjust the size and orientation to fit on your snake body. 


  • To fill the snake head in with scales, choose your Body Composer layer (Step 1) and fit the scales into the head using the liquify setting. 


  • Erase scales where necessary. 

3. Outline the snake

  • Add a new layer.
  • Select a Linerand draw over the outer edge of the snake. Adjust your brush size if needed. 

4. Adjust the Scales

  • Duplicate theBody Composer layer (Step 1) twice. Then, merge these three layers to create dark scales. 
  • On this merged layer, erase any overlapping scales, especially along the curves. 

  • Fill in any missing lines along the extended sides

  • Use the liquify settingto correct any distorted areas.

5. Finalize

  • Duplicate theSnake Head layer to darken and merge these layers with theBody Composer merged layers. 
  • Choose a Liner and touch up the edges of the head.

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