Season's Greetings!

Season's Greetings!
With 2023 only days away, I wanted to take one more opportunity to express how grateful we at Team Tattoo Smart are for you.
We set some big goals in 2022 -  both for ourselves and for you: the tattoo community.
We kicked the year off by challenging the tattooing world - ourselves included -  to join a global conversation about tattoo pricing trends.
The response was unprecedented! Over 4000 artists from around the world spoke up. 
That input, combined with regional cost of living and other economic trends painted a clear picture: we as tattooists need to consider much more than our hourly rates.
That led us to authentic and open conversations about long-term financial planning and the necessity for preparing for the reality of economic ebbs and flows. 
We expanded that conversation by establishing LAUNCHPAD - the first dedicated community for tattoo artists and business owners. 
Once again, you affirmed our efforts! The community has been growing steadily every month. 
You saw the possibilities for our community with the platform and that trust has inspired us to work even harder to make LAUNCHPAD all that it can be for the community. 
2022 was also an exciting year for our mission to shape technology’s impact on tattooing. 
We took a big leap into the world of 3D in Procreate. You joined us through months of perfecting (and agonizing over) six 3D Model Humans and together we explored  the exciting future these tools will bring to tattoo design.
All the while, you continued to support a massive, year-long expansion of  the Tattoo Smart library. 
We busted our asses to accelerate the creation of flash and brush sets. We read every email, comment, and review and incorporated them into our development efforts so that you had the most requested, most useful, and highest value digital tools we could bring you.
Needless to say, I’m incredibly proud of what Team Tattoo Smart accomplished in 2022. However, none of that would be possible without you and the entire tattoo community. 
You challenge and support us in equal measure, and we’re grateful every day for the opportunity to serve you.
Whether you’re new to this community or you’ve helped to build it from the start… 
Huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you from Team Tattoo Smart.
We’ll hit the ground running in 2023 as we continue to support you with the content and community you’ve come to expect from us in shaping technology’s impact on tattooing. 
On behalf of the Team Tattoo Smart, Happy holidays and I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful, prosperous new year.
Russ Abbott

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