S8 Stencil Printer: A traveling tattoo artist's essential tool

by Brittany Graham May 22, 2018

S8 Stencil Printer: A traveling tattoo artist's essential tool

For most traveling tattoo artists, packing and preparation for a tattoo convention is a major process. If you’re organized, you might have a checklist of everything you know you’ll need - extra sharpies, your preferred gloves, enough paper towels to cover a small village.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve also spent significant time on your tattoo design, digitally rendering your vision to perfection. You walk into the convention room, ready to get started for the day and see the 30 minute line at the Thermofax. Or even worse, your client sees the design for the first time and requests minor changes, so now you’re looking around for both a printer AND a Thermofax.

Enter, the S8 Stencil Printer. Knowing there had to be a simple and portable solution to this problem, the team behind S8 realized they could adapt the mobile printer technology already available by Brother International to solve this persistent headache. After the efficiency of a digital tattoo design process, it’s kind of crazy to be forced to rely on 60 year old tech to print your stencils, right?

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“Take advantage of the flexibility that digital affords without sacrificing the comfort and ease that thermographic printers afforded.”


The S8 Stencil Printer, designed to work with either S8 or Spirit stencil paper, is an ideal tool in your digital tattoo design toolkit. The portable printer is available with AirPrint for Apple devices, Bluetooth for Windows/Android devices, and USB connection. Imagine quickly and easily printing ultra-clean stencils directly from your tablet or iPad. It can be powered by a li-ion battery, enabling completely wireless printing on-the-go, and the compact design makes it perfect to pack in a travel case or carry-on.

We know what you’re asking: does it actually work? The S8 Stencil Printer, with software designed with tattoo stencils in mind, creates vivid, crisp images at 300dpi in seconds. The printer is optimized to handle areas of heavy contrast and dense spaces, eliminating the paper jamming and line bleed of other mobile printers.

Tattoo Smart is a proud supporter of S8 Tattoo and the S8 Stencil Printer. Their dedication to quality in their products is evident ih in the printer and we highly recommend it to traveling tattoo artists everywhere.

Brittany Graham
Brittany Graham


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