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Coastlines by Mike Stockings

Coastlines by Mike Stockings

Coastlines by Mike Stockings is a collection of 100 seaside flash stamps for Procreate, including creatures and objects from sharks and fish to crustaceans and jellyfish.



Expanding our neo-traditional animal reference library, Mike worked alongside Tattoo Smart to create an exhaustive list of frequently-requested nautical tattoo subjects, along with a few more obscure ocean animals. Mike optimally positioned these designs for a range of body placements - from arms and legs to chest and back pieces.


Coastlines was made as a followup to Mike’s first collaboration with Tattoo Smart, Animal Crackers, which features birds, big cats, domesticated animals, apes, and even mythical beasts.


Mike began tattooing in 2010 and currently lives in Haverhill, England where he has a private studio, Legacy Tattoo. His clients hail from all over the globe, seeking his bold use of color and unique, vibrant designs. Follow Mike on Instagram to see more of his work and check out his Patreon for additional tips and tutorials


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