Cory Ferguson

We are excited to announce Cory Ferguson's recent release of Gradient Spheres on Tattoo Smart!

Gradient Spheres adds new dimensions to your geometric tattoo design toolkit for Procreate. This collection of 125 circular designs solves the challenge of creating smooth, crisp pattern gradients in Procreate. Each stamp in the brush set is highly detailed and transitions smoothly in density from positive to negative space.

Cory was inspired by familiar patterns like waves, hexagons, triangles, Flower of Life, and starbursts. He also included linear-aligned patterns, interlocking shapes, spirals, and a wide variation of new and interesting options to include in your geometric and other tattoo designs.

Cory has a longstanding history of collaboration with Tattoo Smart, including his multi-volume Encylopedia Geometrica that gives tattooers stencil-ready styles in a variety of patterns.

He is also the creator of the Geometrica App, available for download in the App store. This app includes geometry-based drawings with innovative symmetry tools and features that cater to the workflow of tattoo artists. Geometrica was the first drawing app made for tattooers by a tattooer. You can also check out the Geometrica App on Instagram.

As a leader in digital design, we are thrilled to have Cory as a Tattoo Smart contributor.

You can checkout Cory's website to learn more about him. Also, follow along on Instagram to see his latest work!