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Procreate Installation

How do I download my Procreate brushes?

I can’t download/install my brushes to Procreate.

My new brushes are causing Procreate to crash every time I try to use them.

Which iPads will your Procreate brushes work with?

Will the Spitshading Toolkit canvas files work on my iPad?

Clip Studio Paint Installation

How to download on a Mac/PC

How to download on an iPad

Mac/PC Desktop/Laptop - Help! My brushes look like black circles/solid black fill.

iPad - Help! My brushes look like black circles/solid black fill.

Windows/Android Users

Device Questions

Can I use your tools on my Note/Surface/Windows device/Android device?

Download Help


I can't download my files on my iPad.

It says I used all my downloads but I still don’t have my file installed.

General FAQ

How can I download my tools again?

Where can I download my products after I place my order?

Product FAQs/Info

Spitshade Set

Will the Spitshade Set work on my iPad?

What’s the difference between the Watercolor Toolkit and the Spitshade Set?

Digital Palettes

Digital Palettes + Procreate

How updated are the Digital Palettes?

I noticed a color isn’t on the digital palette I just purchased and I’m disappointed.

iPads + Procreate

Which iPads will your Procreate brushes work with?

Gift Cards

Can I purchase a Gift Card for someone?

Multiple Devices

How many devices can I install my products on?

Licensing & Usage

User License

Where can I find your license?

Multiple Devices

Can I install your products on more than one device?

I got a new iPad/computer/device. Can I re-install my Tattoo Smart tools?

Commercial/Shop Licenses

Can I purchase a commercial/shop license?

Website & Account Help

Login & Downloads

I can't log in to my account.

My downloads aren't in my account.

Tech Support

I emailed support@tattoosmart.com and haven't heard back. How long will it take?