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Procreate Installation

How do I download my Procreate brushes?

I can’t download/install my brushes to Procreate.

My new brushes are causing Procreate to crash every time I try to use them.

Which iPads will your Procreate brushes work with?

Will the Spitshading Toolkit canvas files work on my iPad?

Clip Studio Paint Installation

How to download on a Mac/PC

How to download on an iPad

Mac/PC Desktop/Laptop - Help! My brushes look like black circles/solid black fill.

iPad - Help! My brushes look like black circles/solid black fill.

Windows/Android Users

Device Questions

Can I use your tools on my Note/Surface/Windows device/Android device?

Download Help


I can't download my files on my iPad.

It says I used all my downloads but I still don’t have my file installed.

General FAQ

How can I download my tools again?

Where can I download my products after I place my order?

Product FAQs/Info

Brush Set Volumes

Procreate sets have Volume numbers. What does that mean?

I bought Volume 1. Where do I find my free Volume 1.2 update?

Spitshade Set

Will the Spitshade Set work on my iPad?

What’s the difference between the Watercolor Toolkit and the Spitshade Set?

Digital Palettes

Digital Palettes + Procreate

How updated are the Digital Palettes?

I noticed a color isn’t on the digital palette I just purchased and I’m disappointed.

iPads + Procreate

Which iPads will your Procreate brushes work with?

Gift Cards

Can I purchase a Gift Card for someone?

Multiple Devices

How many devices can I install my products on?

Licensing & Usage

User License

Where can I find your license?

Multiple Devices

Can I install your products on more than one device?

I got a new iPad/computer/device. Can I re-install my Tattoo Smart tools?

Commercial/Shop Licenses

Can I purchase a commercial/shop license?

Website & Account Help

Login & Downloads

I can't log in to my account.

My downloads aren't in my account.

Tech Support

I emailed support@tattoosmart.com and haven't heard back. How long will it take?